Order book here:  http://ow.ly/GC1a306k6mi

Order book here: http://ow.ly/GC1a306k6mi



Drawing in Black & White

Creative Exercises, Art Techniques, and  Explorations in Positive and Negative  Design.

Hone your drawing skills and you eye for design by

learning to draw in black and white.

Working with only positive and negative lines and shapes

keeps the focus on the basics: composition, balance,

and harmony. And using white and black gel, ink, and

paint pens on black, tan, and gray papers allows you to

experience drawing in a whole new way! Drawing in Black &

White is a clever drawing and design book that contains 36

inspiring exercises, a gallery of artwork, and 16 black, gray,

and tan sheets for drawing, doodling, and experimenting.

You’ll find lessons on drawing, pattern drawing, drawing

with cut paper, and simple collage. Learn to see your

drawings a new way by drawing in black and white!